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Sea Kayak, Moody Day

A Little Paddle: To Alaska

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The Plan

Where the Idea began

It all started while I was still in the middle of our 

2019 trip around Vancouver Island. I was loving every minute of mental clarity that came from being committed only to paddling somewhere new every day. As we made our way towards Cape Scott from Port Hardy I stared North at Queen Charlotte Strait and wondered what it would be like to keep paddling ‘up’…

Over the following winter a plan began to crystallize in my head. At first I thought of paddling from Victoria to Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska and back again, then I imagined crossing Heckate Strait and circumnavigating Haida Gwaii along the way, then I wondered how far I could go if I didn’t make a round-trip. Soon I was dreaming of paddling the whole summer from Victoria, BC to Homer, Alaska and returning in the fall by state ferry. 


Latest Updates

Route Plan

Where We're At

2019 - Summer

The Seed is Planted

While paddling around North end of Vancouver Island, Nathan wonders what it would be like to just keep paddling 'up' the coast... Just like that, the seed of adventure is planted!

2020 - Winter

First Team Meeting Held

Over zoom, a crew of potential paddlers meets for the first time to discuss the trip. Tess, Paul, Emma, Sanesh, Nathan, Armarn, Cody, and Alex attended the early planning sessions.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?


Helping us get on the water

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