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A Little Paddle: To Alaska

In the summer of 2023, Sanesh Iyer and Nathan Slater paddled a pair of sea kayaks from Victoria, BC (Canada) to Yakutat, AK (USA). The trip covered 1935 Nautical Miles over 140 days.

Check out our route map, blog posts, incredible photos and video, and so much more below.

The Team

Longtime Friends


First Time Paddling Partners

We met on the first day of highschool in September, 2008 and became immediate friends! We quickly became known for getting together and creating outlandish projects. In the years since, we have become consistent adventure pals always working towards our next project. We have developed a strong work ethic and are constantly challenging each other to find creative solutions to problems. All of our projects have been based on a shared

set of core values which we hold close and embody in our personal and professional lives.



2019 - Summer

The Seed is Planted

While paddling around North end of Vancouver Island, Nathan wonders what it would be like to just keep paddling 'up' the coast... Just like that, the seed of adventure is planted!

2020 - Winter

First Team Meeting Held

Over zoom, a crew of potential paddlers meets for the first time to discuss the trip. Tess, Paul, Emma, Sanesh, Nathan, Armarn, Cody, and Alex attended the early planning sessions.


Thank you to our Sponsors

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Field Reports

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