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What to Bring on a 140-day Sea Kayak Expedition

Updated: Feb 24

Packing for an expedition involves a lot of decisions and trade offs, and thankfully Nathan and I have had a lot of time to think about what we'll be bringing a long. It was hard to strike a balance of packing enough that we could be independent for long stretches, while also packing light enough to allow us to fit everything into our boats. We have ~200L of space in each of our two boats, and about 50% of that is allocated to food. 

Given the length of this expedition and the diversity of terrain through which we traveled, there are some items that we sent back throughout the trip and others that we accumulated along the way. The main example of this is our sleeping shelters: we started the trip with 2 Hennessy Hammocks for shelter, picked-up the Hillaberg Namataj 3 Tent in Bella Bella, and sent back one of the two hammocks in Prince Rupert. There are a few more oddities like that which are marked in the list. 

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