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About us

Welcome to A Little Paddle, your ultimate source for all things sea kayaking. Nothing beats the feeling of sea spray on your face. The thrill of catching a wave or the majesty of seeing a whale up close. We want to share it all with you through stories, photos, and video.  Join us today and become part of a community that shares your passion for sea kayaking!

Oh, and we also make some of the coolest paddling stickers on the web!


We want to share the feeling of exploring the world by paddle power. As sea kayakers, we believe that the water has so much to offer. It is a playground, a living entity, an ecosystem, and a culture. All of its elements are constantly interconnecting and responding to the environment around it.


When we embark on our expeditions, we seek to explore and understand the this web of connections, while also striving to preserve and protect it for future generations of paddlers to enjoy.

Packing lists, navigation support, trip recipes, and so much more!


Our members area offers valuable resources to help you plan and execute your next big expedition. We also offer coaching, 1-on-1 support, and courses to improve your expedition skills.

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