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Tech in the Surf Zone

Updated: Mar 13

How we Managed Electronics on our Expedition to Alaska


On any backcountry sea kayak expedition, electronic devices serve a multitude of essential purposes, communication, entertainment, documentation, and ensuring safety and efficiency. One of the questions we’ve been asked most since returning from our 140-day sea kayak expedition to Alaska is “how did you keep everything charged?” In this post, I’ll share how we planned for our electronic needs, kept them safe, and ensured they were charged when we needed them. I’ll also list every electronic item we brought with us, so you learn from our experience for your next expedition.


First, I want to address the dichotomy between the desire to "unplug" in the backcountry and the necessity of staying connected. One hand, the allure of disconnecting from the digital world and immersing fully in the raw beauty of nature is undeniable. Backcountry expedition offers a sanctuary from the incessant demands of technology, providing moments of solitude and introspection that are increasingly rare in our hyperconnected society. However, the reality of backcountry exploration often demands a degree of connectivity for safety, navigation, and communication purposes. In remote environments, access to electronic devices can be vital for emergency response, weather updates, and coordination with other adventurers or support teams.

Tech is great! It allows us to capture unique angles, store recipes and instructions, communicate and coordinate, and plan our route on the go.

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