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Megan Kollman

The One With The Plan

Megan was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta and moved to Vancouver Island to be closer to the ocean and the iconic wildlife that call the west coast home. She is always looking to plan her next adventure, whether that is hiking through dense old growth forests, camping along remote beaches, fishing from her canoe, or snorkeling the beautiful rivers and kelp forests of the west coast. For three summers, she worked as a tree planter in northern Alberta and BC and learned to appreciate the small joys in life while living out of a backpack and navigating the highs and lows of working in commercial reforestation. She is passionate about the protection of wildlife and preservation of the natural environment, and in 2023 she completed her Bachelor of Natural Resource Protection degree at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo BC.   

In the summer of 2023, she and her partner Kyle explored the southern hemisphere for four months and backpacked across South Africa and Madagascar. There they volunteered with African penguin rehabilitation and tropical agroforestry. Now she is excited to embark on a canoe expedition, this time in the far northern hemisphere and see remote stretches of the Yukon and Alaska that many people do not have the opportunity to visit or discover.

Megan Kollman
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