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Sea Kayak Adventures

Paddling from Victoria BC to Cordova AK - 2023

Sanesh and Nathan

Longtime friends -

New paddling partners

We met on the first day of highschool in September, 2008 and became immediate friends! We quickly became known for getting together and creating outlandish projects. In the years since, we have become consistent adventure pals always working towards our next project. We have developed a strong work ethic and are constantly challenging each other to find creative solutions to problems. All of our projects have been based on a shared

set of core values which we hold close and embody in our personal and professional lives.


Follow Us Live!

This map allows you to follow us live via Garmin InReach. Due to weather, batteries, and fun distractions, this map may not stay perfectly up to date. Please do not be concerned for our safety - we've got the training, gear, and emergency contacts we need to take care of ourselves. Feel free to message us on our Instagram @alittlepaddle, we'll check it periodically as we have access!

If you're following along on mobile checkout the link below:

Thank you for following along, we appreciate your support!

Paddle Route.jpg

Where we're going

From Victoria, BC


To Cordova ,AK

Sanesh and Nathan are paddling North for 139 days between April 16th and September 1st, 2023

Leaving the Beach in:


Past Expeditions

Around Vancouver Island
- 2019






Nautical Miles

Become a Partner

If you have an invaluable expedition product, or you are a foundation that would benefit from the exposure we provide, or you are someone with a unique skill that you think would help us out - we'd love to hear from you!

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